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IELTS Writing Task 2 - Delayed Childbirth (Two-part Question)

Updated: Jan 17

Nowadays, many people decide to have their first child in their later life. 

What are the reasons? Do you think the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages? (24/06/2023)


In modern society, delaying parenthood is becoming an increasingly popular trend among many couples for several reasons. Personally, I believe that the drawbacks of such a phenomenon pale in comparison with  its benefits.

There are various rationales behind many individuals’ preference for delayed childbearing at present. Firstly, some of them choose to prioritize career development over having children at an early age. In other words, many young couples are set on establishing themselves  in their fields and achieving certain career milestones first, both of which help them to secure financial stability before assuming parenting responsibility . Secondly, several partners opt for postponed parenthood  to ensure that their relationship is sufficiently stable and strong prior to  fulfilling the obligations of raising a child. This means that they want to build a solid foundation  and deepen their emotional connection so that they could later dedicate more time and attention to their children’s upbringing

Concerning the inclination towards delayed parenthood , I believe that it would have more positive influences on both parents’ and their children’s life. This is because by delaying childbirth, couples can have more time to save money, pay off potential debts, and enhance their financial capacity . Consequently, they will be more capable of fully providing offspring  with essential needs such as food, clothes, education and medical care. Apart from that, having children in later life also enables couples to develop emotional maturity  and nurture their partnership. These promoted communication skills and deeper understanding of each other’s personality would largely contribute to healthier and more fulfilling parenting experiences for partners.

To sum up, the decision to postpone parenting responsibilities from many individuals often stems from  increased priority for career progression and better mutual understanding, which, in my opinion, would benefit parents and children both materially and mentally.



  • pale in comparison with sb / sth (idiom) = kém nổi bật hơn ai đó / cái gì đó 

  • delayed childbearing (phrase) = việc trì hoãn sinh con 

  • be set on / upon sth (idiom) = quyết tâm làm việc gì đó 

  • establish oneself (phrase) = trở nên thành công 

  • assume parenting responsibility (phrase) = đảm nhận trọng trách nuôi dạy con cái 

  • postponed / delayed parenthood (phrase) = việc trì hoãn làm cha mẹ 

  • prior to sth (phrase) = trước khi việc gì đó diễn ra 

  • build a solid foundation (phrase) = xây dựng nền tảng vững chắc 

  • upbringing (n) = sự giáo dục, dạy dỗ (trẻ con) 

  • offspring (n) = con cái 

  • enhance one’s financial capacity (phrase) = nâng cao năng lực tài chính của ai đó 

  • emotional maturity (phrase) = sự trưởng thành về mặt tình cảm 

  • nurture (v) = nuôi dưỡng 

  • stem from sth (phrase) = xuất phát, bắt nguồn từ điều gì đó  



Personal opinion: The advantages of delayed childbirth outweigh its disadvantages 

Body 1: The reasons for the trend towards delayed childbirth 

  • Some parents focus on advancing in their careers before starting a family → they can ensure financial stability before having children

  • Some parents delay parenthood to build a strong foundation and deepen their emotional connection

Body 2: The advantages of the trend towards delayed childbirth + my personal opinion 

  • Delaying childbirth helps couples save money, pay off debts, and improve their financial situation → they can provide children with essential needs like food, clothes, education, and healthcare

  • Delaying childbirth also supports couples in emotional growth, promoting better communication skills and a deeper understanding of each other → healthier and more satisfying parenting experiences


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