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IELTS Writing Task 2 - Cosmetic Surgery (Two-part Question)

Updated: Mar 15

An increasing number of people are choosing cosmetic surgery / plastic surgery.

Why do people have operations to change the way they look? Do you think this is a positive or negative development? (25/02/2023)


In recent years, more and more individuals are in favor of cosmetic surgery as a way to enhance their physical appearance and overall health. Personally, I believe that this is a negative phenomenon and will provide my perspective in the essay below.

There are many rationales behind the inclination towards plastic surgery among the public. Firstly, a large number of them, especially the numerous artists working in the fashion industry and show business, decided to alter their appearance for career progression purposes. For instance, many globally famous singers have rapidly climbed the career ladder ever since their successful plastic surgeries. Secondly, some kinds of cosmetic surgery could significantly promote one’s overall health. To illustrate, weight loss surgery can help seriously obese patients avoid major illnesses such as diabetes or cardiovascular diseases , contributing to their physical and mental well-being.

Despite a considerable rise in the number of cosmetic surgeries over the past few years, I believe that it is an adverse development with various consequences. One of them is the detrimental effects on one’s health if a surgery is not properly conducted. Specifically, these operations often involve several potential risks of complications such as infections or scarring , which may exacerbate people’s health conditions or even threaten their life. In addition, a surge in cosmetic surgery has seemingly fueled the masses’ desire for this form of appearance alteration, possibly leading to addiction and further related dangers. For example, some have reportedly experienced major anxiety or even depression due to their obsession with flawless beauty. This, in turn, has hindered them from maintaining many personal relationships and engaging in normal daily activities.

To recapitulate briefly, the trend towards cosmetic surgery can spring from the desire for an aesthetically beautiful appearance and improved health. However, it is my firm conviction that these operations are an adverse development in our current life due to their wide range of potential health risks, the possibility of harmful addiction as well as the resultant issues with real-life relationships and everyday activities.



  • cosmetic / plastic surgery (n) = phẫu thuật thẩm mỹ

  • enhance one’s physical appearance (phrase) = cải thiện vẻ bề ngoài của ai đó

  • inclination (n) = khuynh hướng

  • career progression (phrase) = sự thăng tiến nghề nghiệp

  • climb the career ladder (phrase) = tiến lên nấc thang mới trong sự nghiệp

  • diabetes (n) = bệnh tiểu đường

  • cardiovascular disease (n) = bệnh về tim mạch

  • detrimental (adj) = gây tổn hại

  • potential risks of complications (phrase) = những nguy cơ biến chứng tiềm tàng

  • infection (n) = sự nhiễm trùng

  • scarring (n) = sự hình thành sẹo

  • exacerbate (v) = làm trở nặng

  • spring from sth (phrasal verb) = bắt nguồn từ

  • aesthetically beautiful appearance (phrase) = ngoại hình đẹp



Personal opinion: The trend towards cosmetic / plastic surgery is a negative development

Body 1:

The reasons why people are increasingly choosing cosmetic / plastic surgery

  • Many people have these operations to advance their careers - for example, many artists in the fashion and show business industries have found success after changing their appearance through cosmetic / plastic surgery

  • Cosmetic / plastic surgery can also promote overall health, such as weight loss surgery that helps obese patients avoid major diseases and improves their physical and mental well-being

Body 2:

The reasons why cosmetic / plastic surgery is a negative development

  • Improperly conducted surgeries can cause dangerous complications, such as infections or scarring, which may worsen people's health or even threaten their life

  • The rise in cosmetic / plastic surgery has led to more people becoming addicted to it → further dangers such as anxiety or depression that disrupts their life


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