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IELTS Writing Task 2 - Corporate Social Responsibility (Agree or Disagree Question)

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

As well as making money, businesses should also have social responsibilities.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?


Nowadays, it is widely argued that not only should businesses operate with the sole aim of gaining profits, but they also ought to fulfill certain social obligations . Personally, I totally agree with this belief and will present the reasons for my opinion in the following essay.

The first rationale behind my agreement with the initial statement is that socially responsible companies are more likely to attract high-quality job candidates and bolster the current workforce’s loyalty. This is because the majority of workers nowadays are highly aware of pressing social issues, such as climate change or human rights, and desire to play a part in resolving these. In other words, contemporary employees tend to prefer enterprises with constant social obligations where they can seek fulfillment in contributing to social development. For instance, via an anti-racial campaign which highlighted and condemned the injustices incurred by black people, Google, a global giant corporation, has successfully appealed to a substantial number of qualified applicants and reinforced the commitment as well as loyalty of current employees.

Another reason why I believe businesses should undertake social duties is that they can gain tremendous benefits in terms of the brand image and income. Specifically, companies which take part in important social activities, such as environmental conservation or gender equality campaigns, are likely to earn huge public support and considerably promote its brand recognition among the masses, subsequently leading to a wider range of customers and investors. To illustrate, Lego, a famous toy manufacturer, has orientated itself towards initiatives and missions that aim to help children, the environment and local communities since the very first day of its foundation. As a result, Lego is presently enjoying the status of the most reputable company in the world with significantly higher amounts of income from global customers than those of many other famous ones.

In conclusion, besides primary financial targets, I believe that businesses should also take some social responsibilities for a variety of benefits mentioned above.



  • fulfill (v) = thực hiện, làm tròn (trách nhiệm, nhiệm vụ,...)

  • social obligation (n) = social duty (n) = trách nhiệm xã hội

  • rationale (n) = lý do

  • bolster (v) = thúc đẩy, đẩy mạnh

  • condemn (v) = lên án

  • incur (v) = gánh chịu

  • appeal to sb (v) = thu hút ai đó

  • reinforce (v) = củng cố

  • undertake (v) = đảm nhiệm

  • orientate sb/sth (to/towards sb/sth) (v) = định hướng ai đó/cái gì (đến ai khác/cái gì khác)

  • reputable(adj) = có uy tín, danh tiếng



Besides making money, businesses should also have social responsibilities + personal opinion: Agree

Body 1: Social responsibility can attract qualified job applicants and increase employee loyalty for a company

  • Employees are highly aware of social issues and hope to solve these problems → they tend to prefer socially responsible companies

  • Example: Google has attracted lots of high-quality job candidates and reinforced employee loyalty through its anti-racial campaign

Body 2: Social responsibility can promote a positive brand image and increase income for a company

  • Businesses that are involved in social activities can improve their brand image and increase income by building public trust and attracting more customers and investors

  • Example: Lego has consistently promoted its social responsibility and is now the most reputable business in the world with higher income than other famous companies


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