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IELTS Writing Task 2 - Complexion Enhancement (Two-part Question)

More and more people today are spending large amounts of money on their complexions in order to look younger. 

Why do people want to look younger? Do you think this is a positive or negative progression? (02/12/2023)


In modern society, many individuals are willing to allocate a significant portion of their budgets to complexion enhancements  for a youthful appearance. This essay is an attempt to shed light on the rationales behind this phenomenon and to argue that it is a negative development.

The increasingly popular trend towards complexion enhancements can be attributed to two primary reasons. Firstly, in certain sectors such as entertainment or aviation, a youthful appearance is largely associated with vitality , dynamism , and competence. This common perception often prompts  workers in these fields to invest considerable amounts of money on maintaining a youthful look, thus elevating their professional image  and promoting favorable job prospects . Secondly, a younger and more energetic look is usually linked to enhanced confidence and positive thinking. This means that many individuals seek skincare and cosmetic treatments  as a way to boost their self-esteem  and overall well-being, both in work and casual settings. 

Regarding the recent surge in purchases of cosmetics  and other complexion-enhancing products, I believe that it represents an adverse progression in contemporary life. The first reason for my argument is that an excessive pursuit of youthful appearance could turn into obsession with unrealistic beauty standards, possibly leading to body image issues and low self-esteem among those who may feel they fall short of  these standards. Another justification for my viewpoint relates to the potential health risks that some cosmetic procedures and products can pose. Specifically, in recent years, there have been numerous reports of facial rashes , severe allergies  or even skin tissue damage  among people who undergo invasive procedures  or overuse cosmetic substances, some of which have unfortunately resulted in hospitalization .

In conclusion, the increased public spending on complexion enhancements probably stems from  one’s desire for career progression and improved overall well-being. Nevertheless, I contend that this trend is negative due to the body image pressure and potential health problems it might pose. 



  • complexion enhancement (phrase) = sự cải thiện làn da 

  • vitality (n) = sức sống 

  • dynamism (n) = sự năng động 

  • prompt sb to do sth (phrase) = thúc đẩy ai đó làm việc gì đó 

  • elevate one's professional image (phrase) = nâng cao hình ảnh chuyên nghiệp của ai đó 

  • promote favorable job prospects (phrase) = thúc đẩy triển vọng nghề nghiệp thuận lợi

  • skincare and cosmetic treatment (phrase) = liệu pháp chăm sóc da và làm đẹp 

  • boost one’s self-esteem (phrase) = nâng cao lòng tự tôn cá nhân  

  • cosmetics (n) = mỹ phẩm 

  • excessive pursuit of youthful appearance (phrase) = sự theo đuổi quá mức vẻ ngoại hình trẻ trung

  • fall short of sth (idiom) = không đạt được một tiêu chuẩn, mục tiêu nào đó 

  • facial rashes (phrase) = phát ban trên mặt 

  • severe allergy (phrase) = dị ứng nghiêm trọng 

  • skin tissue damage (phrase) = tổn thương mô da 

  • invasive procedure (phrase) = quy trình xâm lấn (xâm nhập vào cơ thể của bệnh nhân để điều trị hoặc kiểm tra)

  • hospitalization (n) = nhập viện 

  • stem from sth (phrasal verb) = bắt nguồn từ cái gì đó 



Personal opinion: The trend of people spending a lot of money on their skin to look younger is negative

Body 1: The reasons why more people are spending a lot of money on their skin 

  • In jobs like entertainment and aviation, looking young is often seen as a sign of energy and skill → people usually spend a lot on their skin to look good at work and get better job opportunities

  • A youthful appearance is commonly linked to feeling more confident and positive → many people use skincare and beauty treatments to feel better about themselves, both at work and in their daily lives

Body 2: The reasons why this trend is negative

  • The intense desire to look young can make people focus too much on unrealistic beauty standards → problems with how they see their bodies and how much they value themselves

  • Some cosmetic procedures and products might have health risks – for example, there are reports of skin issues and serious health problems, like allergies or damage to the skin, in people who use a lot of cosmetic products or have invasive procedures


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