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IELTS Writing Task 2 - Celebrity Influence On Youth (Positive or Negative Development?)

Updated: Jan 26

Nowadays, as role models, famous people have an increasing influence on the young. 

Is it a positive or negative development? (06/01/2024)


In today's media-driven era, the impact of celebrities on the younger generation has become increasingly pronounced . While such influence of famous individuals over the youth often raises concerns about potential misbehavior and deviation from realistic values of life , I assert that, overall, it is predominantly positive, serving as a catalyst for perseverance and generosity .

On the one hand, the widespread influence of celebrities may contribute to detrimental outcomes, particularly by shaping unrealistic expectations for the young. The glorification of materialism and superficial values  can overshadow  essential qualities like hard work and integrity, possibly steering the younger generation towards misplaced priorities. Additionally, the potential for celebrities to perpetuate  harmful trends cannot be overlooked . Platforms like TikTok have witnessed the dissemination of senseless and potentially dangerous challenges , where influencers, in their pursuit of viral fame, engage in activities that pose risks to their well-being. Such trends, when endorsed by celebrities, may have adverse effects on the mental and physical well-being of impressionable  young minds.

On the other hand, celebrities can serve as powerful sources of inspiration when their influence is wielded  responsibly. Take, for example, the globally recognized entrepreneur Elon Musk. His innovative work and ambitious projects, such as SpaceX and Tesla, not only showcase the possibilities of human achievement but also encourage young minds to dream big and pursue their passions. Some positive role models also extend beyond professional achievements, contributing to societal welfare . To illustrate, actress Emma Watson's philanthropic efforts  as a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador have inspired young individuals to widely engage in social issues, fostering their empathy and responsibility.

In conclusion, although concerns persist about the potential negative impact of celebrity influence on the younger generation, I believe that its important role in promoting determination and generosity makes it a positive development in modern life.



  • pronounced (adj) = nổi bật, rõ rệt

  • deviation from realistic values of life (phrase) = sự chệch hướng khỏi các giá trị sống thực tế 

  • serve as a catalyst for perseverance and generosity (phrase) = đóng vai trò xúc tác cho tính kiên trì và lòng hảo tâm

  • glorification of materialism and superficial values (phrase) = việc tôn vinh chủ nghĩa vật chất và những giá trị hời hợt 

  • overshadow (v) = làm lu mờ 

  • perpetuate (v) = duy trì, tiếp diễn 

  • overlook (v) = bỏ qua

  • dissemination of senseless and potentially dangerous challenges (phrase) = sự lan truyền những thử thách vô nghĩa và tiềm ẩn nguy hiểm

  • impressionable (adj) = dễ bị ảnh hưởng, tác động 

  • wield influence, power, etc. (phrase) = nắm giữ ảnh hưởng, quyền lực,...

  • societal welfare (phrase) = phúc lợi xã hội 

  • philanthropic efforts (phrase) = những hoạt động từ thiện 



Personal opinion: Famous people having an increasing influence on the young is a positive development 

Body 1: The negative impact of celebrities on young people

  • Celebrities often promote unrealistic expectations and superficial values, leading young people to prioritize the wrong things

  • Celebrities on platforms like TikTok can spread harmful trends and challenges, risking the well-being of young minds who may be influenced by them

Body 2: The positive impact of celebrities on young people + my personal opinion

  • Celebrities can be powerful sources of inspiration in terms of professional achievements and social welfare:

  • Elon Musk’s innovative projects like SpaceX and Tesla inspire young people to dream big and follow their passions

  • Emma Watson’s philanthropic activities as a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador encourage young individuals to get involved in social issues as well as develop empathy and responsibility


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