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IELTS Writing Task 2 - A Better Quality Of Life (Agree or Disagree Question)

Updated: Jan 4

People living in the 21st century have a better quality of life than the previous centuries.

To what extent do you agree or disagree? (16/12/2023)


There is a prevailing notion  that contemporary global citizens are enjoying greater living standards than their forebears . Personally, I totally concur  with this statement and will offer my opinion in the following essay.

On the one hand, there are several rationales behind a common belief that the modern quality of life has either remained the same or, to some extent, diminished . Firstly, the rapid industrialization and technological progress of the 21st century have given rise to  many environmental challenges such as pollution and climate change. The adverse impacts of these on public health are evident in increasing cases of chronic respiratory diseases or extreme weather events like storms and floods. Secondly, the fast-paced and demanding nature of modern life  has seemingly made mental health problems more common than ever. Issues like anxiety and depression are becoming alarmingly prevalent , especially among youth, suggesting that the heightened quality of life may not be universally experienced. 

On the other hand, I contend that the general population has reaped numerous benefits  in terms of improved healthcare and education, leading to an overall enhanced quality of life. Regarding healthcare, previously terminal illnesses , such as tuberculosis or  plague , are no longer significant threats to society thanks to extensive research and breakthroughs in medicine. This has largely contributed to longer life expectancy  and enhanced overall well-being among the public. Turning to education, the advent of the Internet and other technological advancements  has facilitated and diversified the learning experiences of many individuals. This means that apart from formal education at school, learners can access abundant online resources with minimal financial and geographical constraints , which helps further promote their personal development and intellectual growth.

In summary, despite the environmental concerns and mental health issues associated with modern life, it is my firm conviction that significant improvements in medical care and education have contributed to a generally higher standard of living in the 21st century. 



  • prevailing notion (phrase) = quan niệm phổ biến 

  • forebear (n) = tổ tiên 

  • concur (v) = đồng ý 

  • diminish (v) = suy giảm

  • give rise to sth (idiom) = dẫn đến điều gì đó 

  • chronic respiratory diseases (phrase) = các bệnh hô hấp mãn tính 

  • fast-paced and demanding nature of modern life (phrase) = tính chất hối hả và áp lực của cuộc sống thời hiện đại 

  • alarmingly prevalent (phrase) = phổ biến một cách đáng báo động 

  • reap numerous benefits (phrase) = hưởng nhiều lợi ích 

  • terminal illness (phrase) = bệnh nan y (không thể cứu chữa) 

  • tuberculosis / plague (n) = bệnh lao / bệnh dịch hạch 

  • life expectancy (phrase) = tuổi thọ

  • the advent of the Internet and other technological advancements (phrase) = sự ra đời của internet và những tiến bộ công nghệ khác 

  • minimal financial and geographical constraints (phrase) = những hạn chế tài chính và địa lý ở mức tối thiểu



People living in the 21st century have a better quality of life than the previous centuries + Personal opinion: Agree 

Body 1: The drawbacks of modern life 

  • The quick growth of industries and technology has led to environmental problems like pollution and climate change → a decline in people’s health and an increase in extreme weather events

  • Modern life is usually fast and stressful → more mental health problems like anxiety and depression, especially among young people

Body 2: The benefits of modern life + my personal opinion

  • In terms of health, diseases that were once very dangerous are now less of a threat because of medical progress → people are living longer and generally healthier

  • In terms of education, the Internet and technology have made learning more accessible → people can now learn from various online resources, not just in schools → promoted personal and intellectual development


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