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IELTS Writing Task 1 - PROCESS

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

The diagram illustrates the process of assembling parts of a Wesak lantern, which is made by Sri Lankans in celebration of the annual festival of Wesak in May.

Overall, there are three main stages in the whole process, commencing with the making of a basic frame; the frame is subsequently decorated with colorful tissue paper and frills and finally completed as a Wesak lantern.

First of all, 25 bamboo sticks with a length of 25 cm are prepared. Next, 6 squares are created, and each is made by tightly tying 4 sticks together. After that, the apex of each square is stuck to one another, with the last two being laid on the top and bottom to form a basic frame.

Once having been made, the frame will be adorned with 8 triangular red and 4 pieces of square green tissue paper glued alternately onto each side of it. In the last step, some colored tissues are cut into stripes, which are called frills, and then attached to each border of the frame to form the final Wesak lantern.


assemble (v): ghép, lắp ráp

annual (adj): hằng năm

commence (v): bắt đầu

tightly (adv): chặt

apex (n): góc

be adorned with: được trang trí

frill: dây tua rua

be attached to: được đính vào

border (n): rìa, cạnh, ranh giới


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