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IELTS Speaking Sample Part 3 - Rules

1. What rules should children follow at home in your country?

Well, the rules that kids should obey  at home vary from family to family, but in general, I'd say they're expected to respect their parents and follow their guidance. They're also encouraged to have a daily routine that includes doing homework carefully and limiting screen time. And lastly, many families have rules about socializing with friends , like setting limits on when and where their kids can go out and how late they can stay out.

2. What kinds of rules do people need to follow in public places?

Public places certainly have all sorts of regulations  to keep things safe and orderly , right? So, people are expected to refrain from  loud noise or disruptive behavior , so everyone can enjoy themselves. There are also usually rules against littering to keep the environment clean and green. Oh, and in a lot of public areas, there are restrictions on smoking, too, so smokers don't bother non-smokers.  

3. What are the reasons that cause people to break rules?

You know, people often violate rules  for plenty of reasons. For instance, a tourist who visits a new country might unintentionally break a cultural norm  simply because they're not familiar with the local customs. And then, in other cases, people might break rules because they feel pressured to , like when a student cheats at a test because they're completely overwhelmed  by their schoolwork. It's a pretty complex issue with a range of motives  behind, I'd say.



  • obey a rule (phrase) = tuân thủ quy tắc 

  • socialize with sb (phrase) = giao lưu với ai đó

  • regulation (n) = quy định 

  • safe and orderly (phrase) = an toàn và trật tự 

  • refrain from sth (phrase) = hạn chế điều gì đó

  • disruptive behavior (phrase) = hành vi gây rối

  • littering (n) = hành vi xả rác bừa bãi

  • violate a rule (phrase) = vi phạm quy tắc

  • cultural norm (phrase) = chuẩn mực văn hóa

  • feel pressured to do sth (phrase) = cảm thấy buộc phải làm việc gì đó

  • overwhelmed (adj) = bị choáng ngợp 

  • motive (n) = động cơ 


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