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IELTS Speaking Sample Part 3 - Doing Things Quickly

1. On what occasions do people have to do things in a hurry?

People often have to do things in a hurry  when they are late for an appointment, or a deadline. When it comes to something urgent , most people will rush  to have it done  in the nick of time and the result is often awful. For instance, my friend used to write a final essay which was 50-page long in 2 hours before the deadline and she failed.

2. Would people feel more satisfied if they finished doing something quickly?

I think it depends on the task. For example, if someone is doing things they enjoy, they might want to take it slow and cherish  the moment. Once the task is done, they may feel regretful . On the other hand, when doing something unpleasant , people will try to have it done as soon as possible and feel relieved when it’s over. 

3. What kinds of jobs need to be done quickly?

There are several types of jobs that require swift execution  due to their nature of urgency. Let’s take the retail and customer service industry as an example. In order to increase the company’s revenue, cashiers, customer service representatives, and salespeople have to make quick decisions and provide efficient service. Having said that , a quick response can sometimes end up in  a terrible disaster.

4. Why do some people complete tasks more quickly than others?

Well, I think several factors can contribute to differences in productivity among workers. One of them is effective time management. For example, my colleague excels at  prioritizing  assigned tasks and organizing her schedules. This helps her complete tasks a lot better and faster than me.



  • in a hurry (phrase) = một cách hối hả

  • urgent (adj) = khẩn cấp

  • rush (v) = làm việc gấp

  • in the nick of time (idiom) = vừa kịp lúc

  • crucial (adj) = quan trọng

  • cherish (v) = trân quý

  • regretful (adj) = hối tiếc 

  • unpleasant (adj) = không vui

  • swift execution (phrase) = tiến hành nhanh chóng

  • having said that (idiom) = tuy nhiên

  • end up in sth (phrasal verb) = dẫn đến một kết quả cụ thể 

  • excel in / at sth (phrase) = xuất sắc trong việc gì đó 

  • prioritize (v) = ưu tiên


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