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IELTS Speaking Sample Part 2 - Favorite Season

Updated: Oct 18, 2023


You should say

  • What the weather is like at that time

  • What activities you usually do at that time

  • What is special about that time

And why it is your favorite time of the year

To be honest, I would describe myself as a romantic and nostalgic person, so if I had to pick a favorite time of year to talk about, the very first one that springs to mind would be autumn, or fall, as often referred to as in the USA.

Frankly speaking, I’m currently living in HCMC, in the South of VN, where there are usually 2 seasons: the dry and rainy seasons. However, fortunately for me, I spent the entire month in Ha Noi last September. It was originally a business trip, but later also a chance for me to meet up with some long-lost friends from university. I reckon right at that moment did I come to realize how amazing the autumn in Ha Noi is.

Every morning, I would stroll along the Sword Lake feeling the gentle breezes on my face and enjoying the pale autumn sunlight. It's quite mild for this time of year, so when night fell, I often donned a denim or leather jacket and went out with my buddies. We often spent the entire time in idle chit-chat in some coffee shops tucked away down a backstreet. Sometimes we just sat there watching the world go by or listening to some old classic pieces of music from the gramophones or cassette players in the shops.

I guess what’s so special about autumn is the romantic ambience that it offers. It’s also the time when many leaves often turn yellow or orange, enveloping the streets in warmer shades of colors, such a wonderful time for great photo shoots with our nearest and dearest. Maybe for me, and those who love reminiscing about the past, autumn is a time when we can reflect on what we’ve been through in life. Perhaps that’s also why a large number of well-known songs or poems have been composed for this time of year, when we can enjoy such a romantic vibe and fill ourselves with nostalgia.



  • nostalgic (a): hoài niệm

  • spring to mind: nảy ra trong đầu tôi

  • referred to as: được biết đến như là

  • meet up with sb: hẹn gặp ai đó

  • long-lost friends: bạn thất lạc, không liên lạc lâu ngày

  • stroll along: đi tản mát dọc theo (1 nơi nào đó)

  • gentle breezes: những cơn gió nhẹ

  • pale autumn sunlight: ánh sáng mùa thu dịu nhẹ

  • mild (a): ôn hòa

  • when night falls / fell: khi màn đêm buông xuống

  • don (v): mặc cái gì đó

  • denim / leather jacket: áo khoác jeans / da

  • in idle chit-chat: ngồi tán gẫu, buôn chuyện

  • tucked away down a backstreet: nằm nép mình, nằm khuất trong 1 con đường nhỏ

  • watch the world go by: ngồi ngắm nhìn thời gian trôi đi

  • pieces of music: những bản nhạc

  • gramophone (n): máy hát đĩa hồi xưa

  • romantic ambience / vibe: không khí lãng mạn

  • envelop (v): bao phủ

  • one’s nearest and dearest: người thân và bạn bè thân thiết

  • reminisce about the past: hoài niệm về quá khứ

  • reflect on sth: suy ngẫm về điều gì đó

  • fill sb with nostalgia: cảm thấy ngập tràn trong hoài niệm


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