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IELTS Speaking Sample Part 2 - Complaint

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Describe a complaint that you made and you were satisfied with the result.

You should say:

  • when it happened

  • whom you complained to

  • what you complained about

and explain why you were satisfied with the result.

So, I’m gonna tell you about a time when I encountered an issue with my hotel room on a vacation trip.

Last year, during a family vacation to a coastal town, I had an unfortunate experience at a renowned beach resort. Specifically, our room had multiple problems, including a malfunctioning air conditioner, a leaking faucet and an unpleasant odor . The service provided by the staff was also terrible with delayed responses and unhelpful attitudes.

After witnessing all these unbearable things, I decided to file a complaint to the resort management. As I approached the front desk and requested to speak with the manager, I explained the problems we had encountered and emphasized how they had negatively affected our vacation. Luckily, the manager was attentive and understanding. He then promptly apologized for the inconveniences and assured me that immediate action would be taken.

True to their word, the resort management swiftly addressed our complaints shortly afterwards. The maintenance staff arrived within hours to fix the air conditioner and leaking faucet. Moreover, they relocated us to a different, upgraded room that had a stunning beach view and no more unpleasant smells. The fact that the resort staff went above and beyond to ensure our comfort really impressed me. You know, they did provide excellent service and promptly attend to any requests my family made.

All in all , I was pleased with the result of my complaint because the resort management not only addressed our concerns promptly but also exceeded our expectations in terms of service recovery. Their actions had truly demonstrated their commitment to customer satisfaction by turning a disappointing experience into a positive one. I guess without that timely resolution , my family and I couldn’t have enjoyed the remaining days of our vacation in a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere.



  • encounter an issue / a problem (phrase) = gặp phải một vấn đề / sự cố

  • renowned (adj) = nổi tiếng

  • malfunctioning (adj) = hoạt động không đúng cách

  • an unpleasant odor (phrase) = một mùi khó chịu

  • unbearable (adj) = không thể chịu đựng nổi

  • file a complaint to sb (phrase) = nộp đơn khiếu nại đến ai đó

  • promptly / swiftly (adv) = nhanh chóng, mau lẹ

  • assure sb (that)... (phrase) = đảm bảo với ai đó (rằng)…

  • relocate sb to sth (phrase) = di chuyển ai đó đến một nơi nào khác

  • go above and beyond (idiom) = làm hết sức có thể

  • attend to sb / sth (phrasal verb) = chăm sóc, giúp đỡ ai đó / giải quyết điều gì đó

  • all in all (phrase) = nhìn chung

  • exceed one’s expectations (phrase) = vượt xa mong đợi của ai đó

  • timely resolution (phrase) = sự giải quyết kịp thời


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