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IELTS Speaking Sample Part 1 - Watches

Updated: Jun 14

1. Did you wear a watch when you were a child? (Why/Why not?) 

No, I didn't wear a watch as a child. Back then,  digital clocks  were becoming more common, and most kids of my age didn't wear them. We just relied on  asking our parents for the time or looking at clocks around the house.

2. Have you ever received a watch as a gift? (When/From who?) 

Yes, I actually have! For my graduation, my grandparents surprised me with a beautiful silver watch. It was a coming-of-age kind of gift , and it represents their pride in my achievements. I've always cherished and worn it on special occasions ever since.

3. Do you usually wear a watch now? (Why/Why not?)

I don't wear a watch every day anymore. My phone is always with me, so it's more convenient to check the time there. However, I do have a couple of classic watches I love to wear for dressier occasions  or when I want to add a touch of style  to my outfit. A nice watch can really complete a look!

4. Why do you think some people like to wear expensive watches?

There can be a few reasons why people choose expensive watches. Some might see them as a status symbol , a way to show off success and achievement. For others, they appreciate the craftsmanship  and intricate mechanics  of a high-end watch, like a miniature  work of art.



  • digital clock (phrase) = đồng hồ điện tử

  • rely on sth (phrasal verb) = dựa vào cái gì đó

  • a coming-of-age kind of gift (phrase) = món quà đánh dấu sự trưởng thành

  • cherish (v) = trân quý

  • dressier occasions (phrase) = những dịp trang trọng hơn

  • add a touch of style (phrase) = thêm điểm nhấn

  • status symbol (phrase) = biểu tượng địa vị

  • craftsmanship (n) = tính thủ công cao 

  • intricate mechanics (phrase) = cơ chế hoạt động tinh vi, phức tạp

  • miniature (adj) = thu nhỏ


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