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IELTS Speaking Sample Part 1 - Bags

1. Do you usually carry a bag?

Yes, I more often than not  carry a bag with me when I go out. I feel that it's an essential accessory  that helps me conveniently carry my belongings  and stay organized throughout the day.

2. Do you change your bags often?

I do change my bags quite often, actually. I have different bags for different purposes, such as a backpack  for school, a tote bag  for work, and a clutch bag  for special occasions. I also like to switch up  my bags depending on my outfit or the weather.

3. What kind of bags would you use when traveling?

A backpack, definitely! You know, it's the most versatile  and practical type of bag for travel because it can be worn on my back or carried by the handles , and it has enough space to fit all of my essentials  such as clothes, electronic devices and first aid kits .

4. Did you use a backpack when you were a child?

Well, just like any other little kid, I did use a backpack when I was younger. So, I mainly used it to carry my notebooks and other school supplies  to and from school. I still recall that my first backpack was a bright blue one with a cartoon character on it, which I received as a birthday present from my mom.



  • more often than not (idiom) = thường xuyên

  • accessory (n) = phụ kiện 

  • belongings (n) = đồ đạc 

  • backpack (n) = ba lô

  • tote bag (n) = túi tote 

  • clutch bag (n) = túi cầm tay 

  • switch sth ⇔ up (phrasal verb) = thay đổi cái gì đó 

  • versatile (adj) = linh hoạt, đa năng 

  • handle (n) = tay cầm

  • essentials (n) = những vật dụng thiết yếu 

  • first aid kit (phrase) = bộ dụng cụ sơ cứu 

  • recall (v) = nhớ 

  • school supplies (phrase) = đồ dùng học tập 


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